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chat show

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  • A television or radio show in which celebrities are invited to talk informally about various topics.

    ‘But he is back with the BBC as the presenter of a new chat show with sporting personalities.’
    • ‘Three years later, he quit politics to host a new chat show for BBC television.’
    • ‘Johnny Carson was the founding father of the television chat show.’
    • ‘At the age of seventy he is co-hosting a daily chat show on daytime television.’
    • ‘Lenny and Richard travelled to ITV's London studios last Tuesday to film the chat show and collect their award.’
    • ‘He has even been asked about having his own chat show, to be filmed in North Yorkshire and screened on US cable TV.’
    • ‘She said she was working with the US network NBC on a new chat show.’
    • ‘Elton John was once on a chat show discussing his successful libel action against the Sun.’
    • ‘This arrogance does not play well in middle America, as the briefest exposure to any radio chat show will quickly confirm.’
    • ‘He was a regional sports correspondent who got promoted beyond his abilities and given a chat show.’
    • ‘In the Midwest on Thursday, he taped an appearance on a chat show with former rap singer Queen Latifah, whose audience is mostly younger blacks.’
    • ‘Scheduled to appear on a chat show, Jerry thought it would be more amusing to send out his school-age son and sister Amy to haltingly play violin.’
    • ‘He was interesting, too, on the architecture of the chat show.’
    • ‘In the Eighties he spent seven years hosting a thrice-weekly chat show.’
    • ‘In fact, the reason that we do a better chat show is because we're not down south with all the diversions of a great metropolis.’
    • ‘Hosting a chat show isn't easy and painting someone's portrait requires huge concentration.’
    • ‘He says he enjoys telly immensely, but would draw the line at other suggestions, such as panto or a chat show.’
    • ‘This is good because they are never going to be offered their own chat show.’
    • ‘I may not be famous, but if ever there's a perfect candidate for a chat show, it's me.’
    • ‘Time was when he had his own chat show where he interviewed the top sporting personalities of the day.’
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chat show

/ˈCHat ˌSHō/ /ˈtʃæt ˌʃoʊ/