Definition of chat up in English:

chat up

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phrasal verb

  • 1chat someone up, chat up someone informal Engage someone in flirtatious conversation.

    • ‘you're not trying to chat me up, are you?’
    • ‘Two girls join your table and start chatting you up.’
    • ‘I'm sure that the pharmacist was chatting me up.’
    • ‘He decided to sit near me and do his version of chatting me up.’
    • ‘Am I going to regret it or should I keep chatting her up?’
    • ‘He went over to the video clerk and started chatting her up.’
    • ‘My friend goes over to speak to her, and starts chatting her up.’
    • ‘When she chatted me up, I thought she was taking the mickey.’
    • ‘A handsome young sailor had chatted me up on a train, but I'd not agreed to meet him again.’
    flirt with, make up to, make advances to, make overtures to, romance
    1. 1.1Talk persuasively to someone, especially with a particular motive.
      ‘I chatted up the editor at the press club’
      • ‘This does not happen by laying down the law on first contact - any more than it would with another human being - you have to court them, chat them up, get them on your side.’
      • ‘When the opposition forcibly occupied the secretary's room to register its protest over being denied an office, he took it in his stride and calmly proceeded to chat them up.’