Definition of chatbot in English:



  • A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet.

    ‘chatbots often treat conversations like they're a game of tennis: talk, reply, talk, reply’
    • ‘To seem incredibly realistic, a chatbot didn't need to have highly sophisticated artificial intelligence.’
    • ‘Sure, the conversation offered by a chatbot is rambling, disconnected, illogical, and unable to follow a topic for more than a sentence.’
    • ‘The account information is provided in style, via a chatbot.’
    • ‘In such cases, obviously, it's different than what people traditionally think of as a "Turing Test" since the participants don't even know that talking to a chatbot is a possibility.’
    • ‘I clicked the 'Live Chat' button, and lo and behold, I was deposited in a chat room with what sounded suspiciously like a chatbot.’
    • ‘It just doesn't seems to work very well (despite being based on a neat idea), even compared to classical AI chatbots like Eliza.’
    • ‘BotSpot has a comprehensive listing of online chatbots, artificial-intelligence programs that carry on a conversation with you on the Web.’
    • ‘Artificial-intelligence experts tend to pooh-pooh chatbots, because they argue that they're not "real" intelligence.’
    • ‘The Turing test has supposedly been passed by chat bots.’
    • ‘If you're not on your guard, it's extremely easy to get fooled - at least temporarily - by a chatbot.’



/ˈCHatˌbät/ /ˈtʃætˌbɑt/


1990s from chat + bot.