Definition of chateau cardboard in English:

chateau cardboard


mass nouninformalAustralian, New Zealand
  • A jocular term for wine sold in a large carton with a dispensing tap.

    ‘these rich executives don't sup chateau cardboard and scoff vegemite sandwiches’
    • ‘Chateau cardboard, as described by a New Zealand friend, is no substitute for a well-chosen bottle.’
    • ‘How come people buy chateau cardboard when they would much prefer a finer wine, usually found in a bottle?’
    • ‘I decant the chateau cardboard into a recycled bottle I found behind the shed, and nobody seems to notice the difference.’
    • ‘How about chateau cardboard—take the bladder out of the box and, presto, you have three litres of a concealable bag.’
    • ‘Given that heavy drinkers will use chateau cardboard, cans, or screw-top wine, I doubt the bottle opener would get much use in any event.’
    • ‘If you can get past the idea of chateau cardboard, they are doing their extremely drinkable 2012 Chardonnay in a 1.5-litre cask.’
    • ‘Would you still be acting all horrified and shocked, or would you be popping open some chateau cardboard and celebrating how honest and useful the news was?’
    • ‘We enjoyed our favourite Greek platter and toasted ourselves with our finest chateau cardboard.’
    • ‘I have just been given a glass of chateau cardboard to lubricate my tonsils.’
    • ‘We were sitting around the campfire after dinner, enjoying our chateau cardboard.’