Definition of Chatham House Rule in English:

Chatham House Rule


  • A rule or principle according to which information disclosed during a meeting may be reported by those present, but the source of that information may not be explicitly or implicitly identified.

    ‘the conference was held under the Chatham House Rule’
    • ‘Mr Lewincamp, speaking under the "Chatham House rule", clearly believed he would not be reported.’
    • ‘At the other end might be an uncomplimentary observation about a politician at a private meeting held under Chatham House rules.’
    • ‘It was unanimously agreed that the WLC would operate under the Chatham House Rule.’
    • ‘He did out himself; he broke the Chatham House Rule.’
    • ‘The press is never invited and all discussion, once again, is mum, under Chatham House rules.’
    • ‘How many times have you attended an ADF presentation to hear the words "this presentation will discuss matters under the Chatham House Rule?"’
    • ‘The forum was conducted under the Chatham House Rule.’
    • ‘Generally this information coming from seminars and other things under the Chatham House Rule is really only used as background information.’
    • ‘Meetings took place under the Chatham House Rule with a view to encouraging a full and frank discussion.’
    • ‘Chatham House rules apply, so don't expect any posts about it.’
    • ‘"If the BBC had no record of what was said," remarked Newbery, "the first part of the Chatham House Rule doesn't apply."’
    • ‘My question was then – and is now – why could they not bring the honesty and maturity displayed under the Chatham House Rule back to Parliament House?’
    • ‘It is difficult for Chatham House rules to co-exist with Twitter, Facebook and the 24/7 media culture.’
    • ‘There is no doubt the Chatham House Rule has allowed people to speak as individuals and express views that may not be that of their organisation.’


From Chatham House, the name of the building in London that houses the Royal Institute of International Affairs, by which the rule was devised.


Chatham House Rule

/ˌtʃatəm haʊs ˈruːl/