Definition of chatterer in English:



  • 1A person who chatters at length.

    • ‘With 1,500 jobs to go, its army of chatterers will be revealing, announcing and interviewing - mainly each other - on what it means for the future of Britain, broadcasting and house prices in north London and Glasgow's west end.’
    • ‘And yet while teachers' strikes may have been popular with chatterers and some politicians, the iridescence has caused untold suffering among pupils whose school calendar has been dislocated.’
    • ‘To be sure, there are a good number of chatterers arguing that these latest attacks are the bitter harvest of the war.’
    • ‘The Declaration was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, who drew upon the ideas of John Locke and more contemporary liberal chatterers in Europe.’
    • ‘The chatterers who argued two weeks ago that the war was turning into a quagmire have found a new cause for feigned despair: looting.’
    • ‘In my opinion, this new language used by Internet users is essentially Internet chatterers' jargon.’
    • ‘Once unthinkable, Washington's chatterers now talk of it incessantly.’
    • ‘This is especially so when the chatterers are forced to confront their own beliefs, as in this thread.’
    • ‘The main difference is that, no, it's not that big a deal except among chatterers like us.’
    • ‘Look at what happened to one chatterer, who not long ago was playing the critic in the New York Times.’
    • ‘The chatterers had almost passed her when one said sharply, ‘Wait!’’
    • ‘But these chatterers never wielded more than limited clout.’
    • ‘One reader said that beautiful women, however, were out of luck - that nothing would deter chatterers.’
    • ‘It's no surprise that the community of endless chatterers has started to attract the attention of major advertisers.’
    • ‘I would ask members in the future, particularly the chatterers in the back row, to please keep the noise down.’
    • ‘There is, of course, no chance of a similar ban on trains to prevent idle chatterers driving the rest of us round the twist’
    • ‘From outside, I could hear the teacher speaking loudly, while there were still some chatterers in the room.’
    • ‘Mary was also quiet for she was not a chatterer like some of Elizabeth's friends.’
    talker, chatterer, jabberer, babbler, prattler, blatherer, prater
  • 2informal Any of a number of birds with chattering calls, especially a babbler, a waxwing, or a cotinga.

    ‘It was possible to identify individual chatterers throughout a season, and sound data suggest that individual fish are relatively stationary within separate ranges.’
    gossip, gossipmonger, scandalmonger, blabbermouth, blabber, busybody, chatterer, prattler, babbler