Definition of Chaucerian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer or his works.

    ‘ribald Chaucerian pilgrimages’
    • ‘The mock-heroic story is full of rhetoric and exempla, and it is regarded as the most typically Chaucerian in tone and content.’
    • ‘Of his more readable poems, most were written in the first decade of the 15th cent. in a Chaucerian vein.’
    • ‘I've sent some 30 copies of my Chaucer piece to editors, literary men, Chaucerian scholars.’
    • ‘The editors have also included several new pieces to keep the text abreast of new developments in Chaucerian studies.’
    • ‘The novel sets out to over-write the bawdy, lusty Chaucerian England of popular mythology with a landscape that is sinister, threatening, and politically unstable.’
    • ‘At school he was introduced to Anglo-Saxon and Chaucerian English, and also began to read the Norse Sagas.’


  • An admirer, imitator, or student of the works of the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer.

    ‘every English department wants a Chaucerian’
    • ‘Some early Chaucerians sought to match each Canterbury pilgrim with an historically identifiable person.’
    • ‘They overlapped with the Cambridge years of another noted Chaucerian, Edmund Spenser.’
    • ‘The boys of the group embraced the assignment a little too enthusiastically, shouting the carols like tankard-hoisting Chaucerians rather than singing them.’