Definition of chausses in English:


plural noun

  • Pantaloons or close-fitting coverings for the legs and feet, in particular those forming part of a knight's armour.

    • ‘By the eleventh century a few of the wealthier warriors are shown with mail chausses or leggings although these too are quite rare.’
    • ‘These full mail chausses are heavy items, and the nature of mail means that they need a lot of support.’
    • ‘The braies were commonly made in linen while the chausses were normally done in wool.’
    • ‘While braies are always depicted as being white, chausses came in a variety of colors.’
    • ‘Notice also that the cords which tie the chausses to the braies originate at the top of the chausse and two of them go up to the casing and are tied there.’


Late 15th century French, literally ‘clothing for the legs’.