Definition of ChCh in English:



New Zealand
  • Christchurch.

    ‘the mayor was superb during the ChCh earthquakes’
    • ‘Well we left Sling Camp on Tuesday 20th and arrived Chch about 3 pm.’
    • ‘The insurance settlement on the Chch building is eye watering.’
    • ‘You've heard of course of the Chch Cathedral - 800 years old.’
    • ‘In Chch, internet is critically bad in some suburbs due to outdated, overloaded exchanges that were never designed with broadband in mind.’
    • ‘The government has totally lost interest because the Chch seats are lost already.’
    • ‘He gets back tomorrow, and then I leave to do emergency writing in Chch on Wednesday.’
    • ‘I've just been amusing myself searching for events, shops, bars and cafes in Chch and Wellington.’
    • ‘2014 is looking like 'the year of the ChCh earthquake claimant'.’
    • ‘So where did the voters of CHCH think the money that is helping to rebuild their city came from?’
    • ‘How difficult it was to make friends in Chch.’