Definition of Chechen in English:


nounChechen, Chechens

  • 1A member of the largely Muslim people inhabiting Chechnya.

    • ‘The Ingush, closely related to the Chechens, are predominantly Muslim.’
    • ‘Most were Uzbeks, but there were also Afghans, Chechens, Uighurs from China and a small number of Arabs.’
    • ‘Others think they may be Chechens or Ingush - another Caucasus ethnic group - or even local men.’
    • ‘The Chechens met the Russians in urban combat in Grozny and soon Chechen snipers took a toll on Russian forces.’
    • ‘The letter appears to contradict Russian claims that the Chechens made no proper demands to end the standoff.’
    • ‘The British Foreign Office met with a representative of the Chechens in January.’
    • ‘I'll have to check and see if we've had any talk with Chechens recently.’
    • ‘The Chechens therefore have retained many traditional customs and practices.’
  • 2mass noun The North Caucasian language of the Chechen people.

    ‘Until 1991, Chechnya had two official languages, Chechen and Russian.’


  • Relating to the Chechen people or their language.

    • ‘The Chechen language is unique to the Caucasus region, and not related to any languages outside of this region.’
    • ‘‘There were these Chechen women who were sitting next to a couple of Russian sisters and their children, and they talked,’ he says.’
    • ‘They used the Chechen language to talk with each other, but they spoke Russian to us.’


From obsolete Russian chechen (earlier form of chechenets).