Definition of check-in in English:



mass noun, often as modifier
  • 1The action of registering one's presence, typically as a passenger at an airport.

    ‘the check-in counter’
    • ‘At Heathrow, passengers queued outside terminals just to join check-in lines but the airport expects to return to its usual schedule by tomorrow.’
    • ‘Airlines often assume that some passengers will miss check-in times, and so overbooking of flights is not uncommon.’
    • ‘Now, airlines are reaching the same point with check-in kiosks in airports.’
    • ‘The first audition, for the role of a West African female airport check-in assistant, is being held in Chatham on Friday 7 February.’
    • ‘Baggage handlers and check-in staff at 16 airports across the UK voted by four to one to accept a 4.2 per cent pay offer.’
    • ‘Inside, there were plenty of places to sit and plenty of check-in counters for guest registration.’
    • ‘Almost every check-in desk at the airport had a long line except for one, the airline I was taking.’
    • ‘However, staff on the airport check-in desk disagreed and refused him permission to board without a doctor's letter.’
    • ‘The agent gave us instructions about the flight along with check-in times at the airport.’
    • ‘Two flights were delayed and hundreds of passengers stranded as check-in desks and shops lost power.’
    • ‘At the check-in desk at Stansted Airport, I was asked whether I was carrying any meat or dairy products out of the country.’
    • ‘The number of check-in counters has doubled to 75 and all airlines will now be using a single software system.’
    • ‘A consumers report has declared that Stansted has the best check-in area of all UK airports.’
    • ‘New technology that might speed passenger check-in may get delayed.’
    • ‘Passengers were advised at check-in that there was going to be a change.’
    • ‘Instead the reception area has been set to the side and is laid out in four individual check-in counters.’
    • ‘We were greeted without a smile, even sullenly, at the domestic check-in counter.’
    • ‘Among the first things would be to shift check-in counters to the ground floor from the first floor.’
    • ‘The government is working to make airport check-in a little easier.’
    • ‘You probably see air travel in terms of long check-ins, airline food and air mileage.’
    • ‘One Japanese airline lets passengers use the phone to speed up check-ins at airports and next year you'll be able to use the phones to begin paying for train rides and video rentals.’
    • ‘Only passenger details including proof of identification are required to be produced during check-ins, as all booking information has already been stored in their computer systems.’
    1. 1.1The point at which someone checks in.
      • ‘In addition to more space and fewer companions, some carriers offer limousine or helicopter service to and from airports and separate check-ins speed the process.’
      • ‘Instead, passengers will need to pick up a boarding pass at ticket counters, curbside check-ins, self-service ticket kiosks or by checking in and printing out passes from airline Web sites.’
      • ‘It's happening at grocery store checkout counters, movie theater ticket purchases and airline check-ins.’
      • ‘The printouts - which replace traditional boarding passes issued at airport check-ins allowing access to secure areas - should be specific to only one individual passenger.’
      • ‘Travellers waited at check-ins and at security stations on Monday.’
      • ‘There are reports that the company will need to shed more workers as it increases the number of automated check-ins when it moves flights to Heathrow's new terminal in 2008.’
      • ‘Don't you just hate queues at airport check-ins.’
      • ‘Nor do I see any problem with face scanners at Airport check-ins.’
      • ‘Its Business Class features exclusive check-ins, comfortable Business Lounges with Internet access, personal satellite phones in every seat and meals planned by leading world chefs.’
      • ‘Rogerson is reported as saying: ‘There's no humour at the check-ins and for about 20 minutes I was quite scared.’’
      • ‘Will weighing scales be installed at check-ins?’
      • ‘Other security measures include a ban on luggage check-in by airport entrances and passenger check-in anywhere but the airport itself.’