Definition of check into in English:

check into

phrasal verb

  • Register one's arrival at (a hotel)

    ‘you'll check into the luxurious Basle Hilton Hotel’
    • ‘On the first day, travellers can check into their hotel after their arrival.’
    • ‘After checking into my hotel, I decided to drop by the registration tent for some festival material to get myself oriented.’
    • ‘Arriving in Kuwait City in the late afternoon, he checks into his hotel, walks around Kuwait City, and then goes to bed.’
    • ‘Brosnan escapes British custody and goes directly to his favorite hotel, where he checks into the suite under his own name.’
    • ‘He checks into a hotel and finds Catherine with her friend Miss Ferguson.’
    • ‘He then checks into another hotel, under orders from the mysterious Count.’
    • ‘The family checks into a gloomy hotel outside the city, with Harry and Dudley sharing a musty room.’
    • ‘From there he checks into a hotel, where he remains for two days.’
    • ‘They all checked into a hotel before going for a meal at the pub.’
    • ‘By the last night we were so fed-up we just checked into a five-star hotel and had a spa.’