Definition of check someone/something out in English:

check someone/something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Establish the truth or inform oneself about someone or something.

    ‘they decided to go and check out a local restaurant’
    • ‘These explanations will be checked out to establish whether or not they are genuine.’
    • ‘I've checked it out with some local journalists.’
    • ‘I checked it out and did some research before deciding to buy one for my business in Limerick.’
    • ‘If I was a young musician, I would check other things out, investigate.’
    • ‘The investigator definitely should check it out.’
    • ‘So anyway, my local police are checking the whole thing out.’
    • ‘Before I put my paintings on view I tentatively checked them out with the local councillor and the village shop to see that they had no worries.’
    • ‘But after a local friend checked it out for me, I concluded it was a fraud and stayed home.’
    • ‘Do yourself a favour and check 'em out next time they play.’
    • ‘Run, don't walk to your favourite store and check this one out!’
    investigate, look into, inquire into, probe, research, sound out, examine, go over, go through, vet
    1. 1.1Look at; take notice of.
      ‘do check out his website’
      ‘check out the chick in the leopardskin top’
      • ‘I've been checking out your courses which I'm really interested in.’
      • ‘They kept on checking out different places searching for something.’
      • ‘I check out this morning's Hindustan Times which is a good reflection the Delhi / UP / Punjab mindset.’
      • ‘I implore those of you who do not already watch the shows, check them out.’
      • ‘There are a few good surf books which have sections on lifting weights that you may want to check out.’
      • ‘I decided I had nothing to lose by checking it out.’
      • ‘For a list of useful links and resuorces, check out the Further Information - Relationships section.’
      • ‘Check out what he had to say for himself.’
      • ‘That is the web address if you want to check it out yourself.’
      • ‘This ain't your typical rock show and the price is pretty sweet, so check it out.’
      look at, observe, survey, gaze at, regard, inspect, contemplate
  • 2check something outNorth American Enter the price of goods in a supermarket into a cash machine.

    ‘cashiers are told they must smile as they check out each item and present the bill’
    1. 2.1Register something as having been borrowed.
      • ‘Maybe they don't have much disposable income, and if they didn't download songs they'd borrow CDs from their friends or check them out of the library.’
      • ‘I borrowed the book, so can't check it out again just now.’
      • ‘A parent library is available, and books and movies can be checked out.’
      • ‘Think of it as the federal government mandating how, where, when, and for how long you can own or read a book at the time you purchase it or check it out of your local library.’
      • ‘Another way I found to get free music to listen to is to simply check out the CD at the library.’
      • ‘Eight-year-old Lewis checks out a book as part of his detective work.’