Definition of check something off in English:

check something off

phrasal verb

North American
  • Tick or otherwise mark an item on a list to show that it has been dealt with.

    ‘check off each assignment as you complete it’
    • ‘These things are checked off like supermarket lists in their heads.’
    • ‘I mean, I have been checking things off my list… but there are far more important things to get done that just have not been getting my attention.’
    • ‘I look as if I'm checking items off my shopping list or consulting my schedule.’
    • ‘But many days I feel like I'm not working hard enough, not checking enough things off my to-do list, to feel contentment with my efforts.’
    • ‘I was excited to check another task off of my list of things to do.’
    • ‘They hand the receipt to the salesperson and he checks the list off with his black marker.’
    • ‘Gabrielle made a stop at his desk and glanced at him, before checking his name off the list.’
    • ‘As we gave him our names, he checked them off from a list.’
    • ‘Chris handed her two tickets and she checked their names off on a list before looking up and saying, ‘Next?’’
    • ‘I gave it to him and he checked it off on his master list.’