Definition of check something over in English:

check something over

phrasal verb

  • Inspect or examine something thoroughly.

    ‘each written piece has been checked over for errors’
    • ‘Once a year you should take your trailer to a reputable place for them to check it over and do any repairs that might be necessary.’
    • ‘The store isolated the whole fleet of trolleys while they were checked over by a health and safety officer to make sure the accident was an isolated incident.’
    • ‘Mr Young was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary where his head injuries were checked over.’
    • ‘But the company will have to fulfil all of the issues needing consultation - for instance, checking things over with residents.’
    • ‘With the hood now out of the way, she held the radio close to her face, narrowing her eyes and checking it over in careful detail.’
    • ‘Excellent service from the gas engineer - he checked the system over and repressurized it - that cured the immediate problem.’
    • ‘A few weeks after I sent my return in, I pulled out my rough-work copy and checked it over and realised I'd miscalculated something.’
    • ‘I checked it over and apart from a bit of swelling from where the ring was it was okay.’
    • ‘I picked the little bird up, checked it over and, but for a little wound on it's stomach where the cat must have caught it, it looked fine, if a little shocked.’
    • ‘I have already been there myself to check things over and the only word I can use to describe it all is breathtaking.’
    look at, observe, survey, gaze at, regard, inspect, contemplate