Definition of check through in English:

check through

phrasal verb

  • Inspect or examine thoroughly.

    ‘I checked through my notes’
    • ‘I was expecting a thorough search so I checked through my things.’
    • ‘Constance was busy preparing for her wedding, checking through the guest list, going over her dowries, and rehearsing four times in one week.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman said: ‘It is still a case of getting some last-second details from some of the bidders and checking through those bids.’’
    • ‘Teenagers I've spoken to have compared it to a parent checking through the messages on their mobile phone without asking.’
    • ‘Just finished checking through my e-mail which I am happy to report were mostly blog comments.’
    • ‘The firm is now checking through its records to see who and how many claims are affected.’
    • ‘‘We checked through the rubbish to see if we could find a name,’ the resident said.’
    • ‘He said that even after pensioners had talked through the complicated paperwork with advisers, they would then have to be sent the forms so details can be checked through.’
    • ‘The crew checked through the list of names of all passengers on board and confirmed that one was missing.’
    • ‘We have had boxes and boxes of books delivered, and I check through them all because occasionally you find collectibles.’