Definition of check up on in English:

check up on

phrasal verb

  • Investigate in order to establish the truth about or accuracy of.

    ‘Don called me to check up on some facts’
    • ‘From a quick browse through his recent archive too, it's one that will be added to the list to check up on regularly.’
    • ‘Record numbers of parents have recruited private investigators to check up on their tearaway teenagers.’
    • ‘The morning passed uneventfully as Liz worked through and paid bills, checked up on their investments, and answered all her email.’
    • ‘Government inspectors plan to visit the borough in June to check up on whether the council is providing value for money for its residents.’
    • ‘But 79 years later, its plenipotentiary was, courtesy of the New Zealand taxpayer, checking up on how it had all gone.’
    • ‘I also do lots of checking up on who's going to be there at the weekend.’
    • ‘‘There is a certain amount that should be checked up on and be made accountable, but there should be a limit,’ he said.’
    • ‘They were made to go to church six times on Sunday, and were checked up on if they didn't show up.’
    • ‘This seems like as good a time as any to check up on where some of those companies are, and where they may be going.’
    • ‘The question is whether we have to check up on and bother everyone in order to deal with the bad cases.’