Definition of check valve in English:

check valve


  • A valve that closes to prevent backward flow of liquid.

    ‘The check valve in the strainer closes immediately when the shutoff valve is closed.’
    • ‘In new construction, experts recommend installing pressure-reducing valves in the building to avoid over-pressurizing the system, which can shorten the life of relief valves and check valves.’
    • ‘In order to prevent water and air interaction before entering the specimen, the separate lines which carry water and air are integrated with several on/off valves and check valves.’
    • ‘Once the suction and discharge system is set up correctly, and all check valves are opened or closed as they should be, then the operation is mostly a matter of turning the key.’
    • ‘There is a 3-inch or 4-inch diameter intake line that brings waste into the basin, a 2-inch-diameter discharge line with a check valve to prevent backflow, and a vent pipe.’
    • ‘The check valve prevents water already pumped up through the plumbing from draining back down into the sump well when the pump shuts off.’
    • ‘The company also offers a one-way check valve that provides high flow rates across a wide range of pressures.’
    • ‘In this particular system, the liquid inlet valve acted as a two-way check valve.’
    • ‘The answer is a bi-metallic valve that controls the opening and closing of a one-way check valve.’
    • ‘It would be fairly dumb to have all that fuel on board and not be able to get at it, so I place special emphasis on the check valve O-rings in the selector.’
    • ‘Such materials have a number of uses, ranging from fluid-pump diaphragms to check valves and other peripheral equipment.’
    • ‘Many household faucets, plumbing fittings, check valves and well pumps are manufactured with brass parts.’
    • ‘To get the radiant heat running, I banged on the check valves with a block of wood until the copper supply pipe got hot.’


check valve

/CHek valv/ /tʃɛk vælv/