Definition of checkbox in English:



  • 1A small box on a form into which a tick or other mark is entered as the response to a question.

    ‘please indicate your choice by putting a cross in the checkbox’
    • ‘At the bottom of each bio sheet were three check boxes marked 'let's discuss', 'give me further checks'—or 'I'm not interested'.’
    • ‘We manufacture forms, paperwork for use in doctors' offices and insurance companies and body shops, those multiple carbon monstrosities with 8,000 little checkboxes.’
    • ‘In the registration form, a statement accompanying a check box says, ''This is an overcharge or not the legal rent.''’
    • ‘To divide the census into the above two groups, the following check boxes could be included in the name section of the questionnaire.’
    1. 1.1Computing (in a graphical display) a small box that, when selected by the user, shows that a particular feature has been enabled or a particular option chosen.
      • ‘Then select the checkbox next to the photo that you want to delete and click the ‘Delete’ button.’
      • ‘Most features are turned on or off using checkboxes.’
      • ‘It would be nice to be able to remove or change the appearance of buttons and checkboxes, and apply my own style sheet.’
      • ‘A visitor to this site, trying to find particular artifacts, enters her search terms, then pauses over the checkboxes.’
      • ‘If you hold down the Option key when you click a checkbox, they'll all toggle on or off.’