Definition of checkside goal in English:

checkside goal


Australian Rules Football
  • A goal scored by a curving shot from a narrow angle.

    ‘the icing on the cake was a fine checkside goal from 30 metres’
    • ‘His majors were highlighted by strong contested marks on the Suns' defenders, while he threw in a couple of left-footed checkside goals as well.’
    • ‘That nonchalant checkside goal in the second term hinted at the game-breaking brilliance the 21-year-old boasts in his trick bag.’
    • ‘When he kicked a beautiful checkside goal, the Tigers increased their lead to a handy 20 points.’
    • ‘He kicked a checkside goal from a set shot 11 minutes into the second quarter.’
    • ‘They threatened a comeback with the opening goal of the final quarter, but Johnson slammed that door shut with an outrageous checkside goal from the boundary line.’
    • ‘There were brief injury concerns when he limped off, but he returned to kick a great checkside goal—the last of the game.’
    • ‘He left a packed Adelaide Oval spellbound, then electrified by two successive checkside goals in grand final glory against Port Adelaide.’
    • ‘When he describes the second checkside goal, he seems to sense there is something special about what this tyro is doing.’
    • ‘His two first-quarter checkside goals from deep in the scoreboard pocket were a highlight of the 1968 grand final.’
    • ‘He slotted an audacious checkside goal from the resultant set shot.’