Definition of checksum in English:



  • A digit representing the sum of the correct digits in a piece of stored or transmitted digital data, against which later comparisons can be made to detect errors in the data.

    • ‘Although a UPC number has 12 digits (implying a maximum capacity of a trillion items), the first digit is a category code that in practice is almost always, and the final digit is a checksum used for detecting errors.’
    • ‘One adds support for error detection codes such as checksums and cyclic redundancy codes.’
    • ‘Hashing is used in many applications, from passwords and other authentication schemes, to digital signatures and certificates, to creating checksums used to validate files.’
    • ‘Integrity can be ensured through such software tools as checksums, parity bits, and cyclical redundancy codes.’
    • ‘If the data has been modified without updating the checksums, then the checksums will fail to add up.’
    • ‘It calculates checksums for all files on the system and stores these fingerprints in a database.’
    • ‘In some industries, for example, auditors or regulators may require time stamps, checksums or other proofs that long-term archived data has not been altered, or a record of who made any changes to it and when.’
    • ‘We follow the message with a checksum, so the provider can verify (to some degree) that our message has been faithfully received.’
    • ‘If the incoming data is analyzed for copyright codes and checksums, scramble the bus, and/or set it to a different width.’
    • ‘This is because packets with the same plaintext have matching checksums throughout a particular session.’
    • ‘There's two things that you'll have to do every time you change a register value, you'll have to authorize the writing of the registers and re-check the checksum before writing the registers.’
    • ‘Neither verification by comparison nor by checksum is available.’
    • ‘The use of a checksum is really minimum security considering what is involved.’
    • ‘The checksums are all off, but it's only off a random bit here and there and we were able to get it all back.’
    • ‘There's no information on how this is to be done; and somehow I doubt they're running checksums on all the compilers used.’