Definition of cheerleading in English:



mass noun
  • 1A sport involving the performance of organized cheering, chanting, and dancing in support of a sports team at matches.

    ‘she started cheerleading last year after a background in dance’
    • ‘She quit cheerleading when she entered high school and opted for the step team.’
    • ‘I was a gymnast before I started cheerleading.’
    • ‘Oh, look, there's cheerleading—that might be fun.’
    • ‘Cheerleading, which I thought utterly ridiculous, was in her interpretation very sexy.’
    • ‘Although cheerleading has struggled to be accepted as a proper sport, it has exploded, with hundreds of teams popping up across the country.’
    • ‘The team has organized a number of courses at the center, which provide a steppingstone into the world of cheerleading.’
    • ‘These girls are swapping their schoolbooks for pom-poms to embrace all the razzmatazz that is cheerleading.’
    • ‘She says that cheerleading, which has its roots in the USA, has undergone rapid growth on this side of the pond.’
    • ‘Cheerleading is the latest craze to sweep the country.’
    • ‘The director explained that the American-influenced sport was a cross between gymnastics, dancing, and cheerleading.’
    1. 1.1The enthusiastic and vocal support of someone or something.
      ‘the president deserves credit for not indulging in mindless cheerleading’
      • ‘The series often gets sidetracked into thinly veiled environmentalist cheerleading, which leads to some of the weaker storylines.’
      • ‘Despite these complications, the company is obviously ready to move ahead with its cheerleading.’
      • ‘Since the conflict is still in progress, it suggests that this is meant more as cheerleading than documentation.’
      • ‘They finally put together a group of critics who can write and do it with a point of view—or do you miss the soft-headed cheerleading?’
      • ‘When talking with a child, we should avoid such general cheerleading as "You'll be glad you can play the piano when you are 35 years old."’
      • ‘His book is a decent antidote to telecosmic cheerleading.’
      • ‘No offense, but you're one of the last people I'd come to for cheerleading.’
      • ‘Following their cheerleading during impeachment, they were firmly in the party camp this fall.’
      • ‘The upshot of the media's cheerleading was a less-than-critical approach to the looming war.’
      • ‘There is little question in anyone's mind that the union could not have survived without his continual support and cheerleading.’


  • Relating to the performance of organized cheering, chanting, and dancing.

    ‘the high school cheerleading squad’
    • ‘A girl in a cheerleading uniform sat to my left, chatting at a ridiculous speed on a sleek little cell phone.’
    • ‘The story is about teenage girls obsessing on winning a national cheerleading competition.’
    • ‘The reason I'm not trying out for the squad is because I'm not exactly cheerleading material.’
    • ‘He was wearing a girl's cheerleading outfit with two pom-poms and a wig with two pigtails.’
    • ‘She has gone from cheerleading phenom to TV show goddess.’
    • ‘The cheerleading experience hasn't been without controversy for him.’
    • ‘Like biology tests and cheerleading tryouts, acne is something you probably thought you'd left behind in high school.’
    • ‘Her weapon was a set of red cheerleading pom-poms, with which she'd distract assailants before kung-fu kicking them.’
    • ‘The movie took itself just seriously enough, which given that it was a cheerleading movie, was not particularly much.’
    • ‘The attractive girls get up in each other's grilles and talk smack about their cheerleading prowess.’