Definition of cheese mite in English:

cheese mite


  • A mite that infests cheese.

    Genus Tyroglyphus, order (or subclass) Acari

    • ‘The cheese mite, known to cause dermatitis, is larger than both the grain mite and the mold mite.’
    • ‘Common members in this group of tiny mites include the cheese mite, flour mite, and grain mite.’
    • ‘One of the interesting things about this cheese is that the dimpled rind is created by cheese mites which chew on the cheese and are periodically brushed off.’
    • ‘Some require washing in brine or alcohol solution to impart flavor, while others simply need to be flipped and brushed every now and then to get rid of cheese mites.’
    • ‘The commonest food mites are the grain mite, the cheese mite and the mould mite.’