Definition of cheeseparing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈCHēzˌperiNG/ /ˈtʃizˌpɛrɪŋ/

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  • Careful or stingy with money.

    ‘cheeseparing bureaucrats’
    • ‘I can't honestly think of any other reason for the latest mean-spirited, cheese-paring cut revealed by the Irish Examiner today.’
    • ‘It is symptomatic of an unacceptable cheese-paring attitude to contemplate immediate reduction in the judicial resource in the Court of Appeal.’
    • ‘In my best and politest southern British accent, I profusely apologised and prostrated myself at the mercy of these cheeseparing economists.’
    thrifty, sparing, economical, saving


  • Stinginess.

    • ‘Richard accused me of cheeseparing’
    avarice, acquisitiveness, parsimony, parsimoniousness, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, thrift