Definition of cheesesteak in English:



(also Philly cheesesteak)
  • A sandwich containing thin-sliced sautéed beef, melted cheese, and typically sautéed onions, served in a long roll.

    ‘I don't know if you've smelled a Philly cheesesteak lately, but it's one of the few times that I feel fat just for smelling something fatty.’
    • ‘Go ahead and stray from the well-worn chicken path with these easy-to-cook dishes, from family-friendly meatballs to impress-the-guys Philly cheesesteaks.’
    • ‘Gourmet ketchup aficionados might also be interested in gourmet cheesesteaks.’
    • ‘How does a Frenchman eat a Philly cheesesteak sandwich?’
    • ‘When we got there, we had the all-southern cheesesteak sandwich.’
    • ‘He's a budding photographer who also makes Philly cheesesteaks in Baltimore, Maryland.’
    • ‘Now I've got to move down to Philly, down where they serve the best cheesesteaks.’
    • ‘He tells aides to drop the clam chowder and serve Philly cheesesteaks to the media.’
    • ‘I can tell you that Jenny came to Philadelphia last month to hang out with me, see the sights and eat a cheesesteak, and seemed to really dig it - so we've got that going for us.’
    • ‘Sometimes you just want a cheesesteak (gourmet or otherwise).’
    • ‘‘Once in a while I allow myself a Philly cheesesteak, which they call French dip down here,’ he says.’
    • ‘I'll do a day trip to Philadelphia for a cheesesteak.’
    • ‘In peddling the cheesesteak as a dining option, he noted that restaurants in other parts of the country don't know how to make a proper cheesesteak.’
    • ‘But at the moment there's a far more pressing one: How long till I get my cheesesteak?’
    • ‘Although it might help her if she ate a Philly cheesesteak or three.’
    • ‘It was so funny that when I met my roommate for a cheesesteak that afternoon, I tried to repeat it.’
    • ‘Taking fighting out of hockey is like taking the cheese out of a cheesesteak.’
    • ‘The more I think about it, the more I love cheesesteak steak.’
    • ‘And of course, there's our famous Philly cheesesteak.’
    • ‘And the food, with the exception of a couple of additions (such as Philly cheesesteak, oddly enough), certainly hasn't changed.’



/ˈCHēzˌstāk/ /ˈtʃizˌsteɪk/