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adjectiveadjective cheesier, adjective cheesiest

  • 1Like cheese in taste, smell, or consistency.

    ‘a pungent, cheesy sauce’
    • ‘The cheddar mash had no overtly cheesy taste but was rich and creamy and the dish was served with a thick onion gravy, dotted with baby onions.’
    • ‘It can give a rich, cheesy taste to an otherwise dull vegetarian soup.’
    • ‘She always put yummy things in there that tasted cheesy or creamy or meaty.’
    • ‘The pages were dry and wan, the classic sign of a cheaply made book, and it was rough on the hands, a cheesy smell still lingering some years on.’
    • ‘I have to confess that there wasn't any obvious sign of avocado in the seafood bake, but a firm, cheesy sauce and a huge array of seafood made for an incredibly satisfying starter.’
    • ‘The ravioli are filled with a blend of soft ricotta and sharp Gorgonzola, in spinach pasta, and they're bathed in a cheesy sauce with blue cheese.’
    • ‘Creamy, cheesy sauces are code words for calorie-laden belly-bloaters.’
    • ‘And the other options are still likely to be fried, roasted, or fried and roasted, and smothered in cheesy or creamy sauce.’
    • ‘I stupidly didn't think to get the stuff to make the cheesy sauce that goes into a lasagne so just filled it with cheese and hoped it would be OK.’
    • ‘The sauce, cheesy and creamy, had just the faintest tang of peppery spiciness to it.’
    • ‘My guest was a veggie, who sometimes wishes she wasn't, so she went for the mushrooms in a cheesy, garlicky sauce.’
    • ‘We dispensed with cutlery for this dish as the delicious cheesy sauce was great for dipping bread into.’
    • ‘I eat them and their cheesy sauce with mounds of blandly comforting brown rice, steamed with a cinnamon stick and a couple of cloves.’
    • ‘It's obviously not healthy, but the creamy, silky, cheesy, garlicky sauce makes it all worth it.’
    • ‘Our dinner begins with a few nibbles: chips with olive and citric acid; lemon tempura with liquorice; and the most divine cheesy bread I have ever tasted.’
    • ‘There's a cheesy edge here and that faint sour-milk taste, too.’
    • ‘In a bowl, mix together the eggs, milk, cream and some pepper and cheese (add one or two tablespoonfuls, depending on whether you want a pronounced cheesy flavour or not).’
    • ‘The sad fact is that when it is two-pairs-of-socks weather, the body demands shepherd's pie with cheesy mash, sticky toffee pudding and two cups of strong coffee in a loud, insistent voice.’
  • 2 informal Cheap, unpleasant, or blatantly inauthentic.

    • ‘cheesy motel rooms’
    • ‘a big cheesy grin’
    • ‘I do not want Cordelia getting emotional reassurance from a cheesy, cheap, plastic phone.’
    • ‘I've seen people invest hundreds of dollars on a state-of-the-art graphics board, and then connect a cheap and cheesy monitor to their system.’
    • ‘And that's not to mention the even more lucrative video market - the natural home for such cheap, and unashamedly cheesy, comedies.’
    • ‘At the very least, they limit what you're able to accomplish by offering cheap looking templates and cheesy stock photos.’
    • ‘This isn't a big budget Hollywood film and as such doesn't try to reach for cheesy CGI effects or cheap scares.’
    • ‘However, there's no reason that everything has to look so cheap and cheesy.’
    • ‘The story manages to rise above some of its cheap and cheesy production techniques to reach its redemptive twist of an ending.’
    • ‘He sent a car to pick me up at the cheesy motel.’
    • ‘But then he talks her into going to a cheesy German hotel room by saying something in German.’
    • ‘I'm leaving for Tampa tomorrow to hang out with Florida friends and see the Pixies and ride roller coasters and stay at a cheesy hotel.’



/ˈCHēzē/ /ˈtʃizi/