Definition of chef's salad in English:

chef's salad


  • A salad of lettuce and other raw vegetables topped with slices of meat, cheese, and hard-boiled egg, typically served as a main course.

    ‘Shame on you for enjoying that hard-boiled egg on your chef's salad.’
    • ‘Is romaine lettuce standard for a chef's salad?’
    • ‘The chef's salad was mostly iceberg lettuce - depressing in the winter, but a cooling crunch in the summer - with a zingy vinaigrette.’
    • ‘She recently treated a group of inner-city children to a chef's salad made entirely of local produce: blue cheese, lettuce, walnuts, and apples.’
    • ‘She smiled at him and kissed his cheek lightly, ‘I'll just have the chef's salad, I love how Ryan puts it together.’’
    • ‘The promised house vinaigrette was nowhere to be found on the chef's salad, but the generous portion of very fresh romaine, sliced mushrooms, and tomatoes still hit the spot.’
    • ‘She ordered grilled fish and I had a chef's salad with chicken.’
    • ‘It was cool and refreshing and had all these great flavors and textures: almost like a Japanese version of the chef's salad.’
    • ‘She also recommends that I order a chef's salad for the mini-fridge as soon as I get to my hotel room.’
    • ‘We began with the Cosmo chef's salad, complete with a hefty serving of beef, chicken, cheese, capsicum (bell pepper), tomato, cucumber, croutons and egg.’
    • ‘We began with the chef's salad which had a very good selection of greens complete with three dressings - the Thousand Island with green peppercorns was excellent.’
    • ‘Madame tried the chef's salad and remarked on the freshness of the ingredients, and tried the Oysters Rockefeller which again was a very filling item.’
    • ‘We had selected the chef's salad, which we had already decided to share, plus a pork cordon bleu for Madame and the gammon, egg and chips for me.’


chef's salad

/SHefs ˈsaləd/ /ʃefs ˈsæləd/