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  • A visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and believed by some to consist of chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation.

    ‘conspiracy theorists have been going wild with speculation over the nature and purpose of chemtrails’
    • ‘Then on 25 Jan 2004 I photographed another fresh chemtrail.’
    • ‘The witness reports, "I was outside, camcorder in hand, filming the chemtrails."’
    • ‘For the benefit of those who cannot tell chemtrails from contrails, he offered the following explanation.’
    • ‘Friday, I enjoyed with an almost melancholy nostalgia because the skies were a deep blue with not a cloud or chemtrail in sight.’
    • ‘I was just off the freeway and saw the same dark shadow line formed off a fresh chemtrail being laid going west to east.’
    • ‘I have one in my book of an MV-80 airliner and it sure looks like a chemtrail behind that airplane.’
    • ‘The volume and size of the spray is virtually the same as that seen from an aircraft pumping out a normal chemtrail, but within about 20-30 aircraft lengths it has virtually all vaporized.’
    • ‘Shortly thereafter, the second plane reached the same perimeter and started discharging its chemtrail.’
    • ‘I also noted that the chemtrail had spread out in the classic manner.’
    • ‘I was shocked that such a blatant chemtrail was being depicted as a cloud on TV.’
    • ‘These are not the greatest quality however they show in my mind the differences between a contrail and a chemtrail.’
    • ‘This plane was leaving a chemtrail that went from horizon to horizon and was apparently doing so from underneath the body as well as the entire wings.’
    • ‘This site has all the info you could ever possibly want on these "chemtrails."’
    • ‘Specifics are not known at the time, but floating rods and chemtrails are probably involved.’
    • ‘It's been real cold lately, and I blame the chemtrails for that.’
    • ‘Another answer is that the so-called chemtrails are actually just normal condensation trails.’
    • ‘We've had a daily barrage of chemtrails since June 1999.’



/ˈkemˌtrāl/ /ˈkɛmˌtreɪl/


1990s blend of chemical and trail, on the pattern of contrail.