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  • A tufted velvety cord or yarn, used for trimming furniture and making carpets and clothing.

    ‘To make your furniture snuggle-friendly, sew soft faux suede or chenille slipcovers for your favourite chair.’
    • ‘If you cut the garment or project pieces ‘to size’ and then create the chenille, the final chenille piece may be too small.’
    • ‘The bow stays tied better if you choose a textural ribbon, such as chenille, rickrack, or grosgrain.’
    • ‘It's got a chenille cord and and eyelash yarn wrapped around it.’
    • ‘Starting at the hook bend, tie in the black chenille and the silver wire.’
    • ‘I would like to know if it is possible to dye a vintage chenille bedspread?’
    • ‘She always made me a bit nervous with her perfect hair and chenille clothes and her size 2 body.’
    • ‘Those spending $300 in the malls get a plush, red chenille teddy bear as a gift with purchase.’
    • ‘We used eyelash, chenille, angora-type and openwork ‘dot’ ribbon.’
    • ‘In other knitting news, I am still free-forming this chenille.’
    • ‘He loves chenille as it's got very soft feel next to the skin.’
    • ‘Pink chenille fibres found on Carly's body matched with others found in the boot.’
    • ‘She pulls her chenille robe tightly around her, sighs loudly and only after the screen door slams behind her calls out an emphatic, ‘No.’’
    • ‘These lightweight, comfortable cutters are good for multiple layers, chenille projects and cutting patterns.’
    • ‘Or you'll remember that you still have your grandmother's chenille bedspread in the attic, and it'll be perfect on the bed.’
    • ‘Rebecca wore her coat today, along with a salt-and-pepper scarf and black chenille gloves, which had been bought on sale at K-Mart.’
    • ‘Made of 165,000 two-inch pieces of chenille pipe cleaners, the piece has another, clandestine identity.’
    • ‘I was wearing my long-sleeved aqua chenille top with my grey/black skirt, as well as my leather boots that came up to my knees.’
    • ‘She pushed back the burgundy chenille blanket that had been covering her and stood up, slipping on her flip flops.’
    • ‘I made a real effort to have a go at knitting with the chenille tape yarn but it was doing my head in.’



/SHəˈnēl/ /ʃəˈnil/


Mid 18th century from French, literally ‘hairy caterpillar’, from Latin canicula ‘small dog’, diminutive of canis.