Definition of chest of drawers in English:

chest of drawers

Pronunciation /tʃɛst əv/

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  • A piece of furniture consisting of a set of drawers in a frame, typically used for storing clothes.

    ‘Both have extensive wardrobes, chests of drawers and dressing tables.’
    • ‘We had already started a fire, cleaned the stone floor and took off large pieces of cloth, which had covered a chest of drawers and a bed frame.’
    • ‘It wasn't very big, just enough room for his bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a desk.’
    • ‘Some of his first pieces include a chest of drawers, a double dresser and some pedestals.’
    • ‘There was a delicately made chest of drawers and a vanity table.’
    • ‘There is another double bedroom at the rear of the house with a range of fitted wardrobes and a chest of drawers.’
    • ‘It had a four-poster bed, a leather upholstered chair, and a chest of drawers with a large vanity mirror.’
    • ‘There is also a pretty marble fireplace with an ornate tiled inset, a built-in cherrywood bookcase and a matching chest of drawers.’
    • ‘The walls were covered with tranquil, light wallpaper and there was a single cupboard and a chest of drawers by the side of the room.’
    • ‘During the second half of the eighteenth century, the ubiquitous storage trunks began to be replaced by wardrobes and chests of drawers.’
    • ‘Small and rectangular, the chamber housed a mahogany bed, chest of drawers, washbasin and vanity.’
    • ‘It has recently been fitted with a range of mahogany storage units over and around the bed, as well as a second wardrobe and chest of drawers.’
    • ‘On the wall opposite the bed and next to the door was her wardrobe and chest of drawers.’
    • ‘A desk, a bed, a chest of drawers, and an old black piano were the only things the room.’
    • ‘Four items stood along one wall: two tall chests of drawers, an antique wardrobe, and a steamer trunk, its lid propped open with a block of wood.’
    • ‘All those thin cotton clothes have already made their way back into deeper recesses of wardrobes or chests of drawers.’
    • ‘While there is no built-in storage other than a set of open shelves, there is plenty of room for a wardrobe and chest of drawers.’
    • ‘She looked around the room and was surprised to see a simple bed, chest of drawers, and an open small closet.’
    • ‘It was a nice room, very similar to mine, with a bed, a small table, and a chest of drawers.’
    • ‘Inside, he quickly opened the big wicker chest of drawers to find a garment.’