Definition of chicken-hearted in English:


(also chicken-livered)


  • Easily frightened; cowardly.

    • ‘We look so chicken-livered to the rest of the world that they think they can easily intimidate us into doing what they want.’
    • ‘It is incumbent upon me, as leader, to stamp out this sort of morale-sapping, chicken-hearted nonsense.’
    • ‘It is an unalloyed good, and it is sad to see our politicians responding with such chicken-hearted paranoia.’
    • ‘Obviously, David had noticed our unexpected visitors at the river and made for home as fast as his chicken-hearted legs could carry him.’
    • ‘Chicken-hearted people always feel that the other guy is either equally chicken-hearted or plain crazy.’
    timid, timorous, nervous, easily scared, easily frightened, scared, fearful, afraid, trembling, quaking, cowering, daunted