Definition of chicken hawk in English:

chicken hawk


(also chickenhawk)
  • 1US A hawk of a type that is reputed to prey on domestic fowl.

    ‘chicken hawks and peregrine falcons are on the hunt’
    • ‘A chicken-hawk flew down onto one of the burnt tree stumps.’
    • ‘There was no one to overhear them save a speckled chicken hawk circling lazily on the updraft from the mountain.’
    • ‘Red-tailed hawks are returning. They are also called chicken hawks although they normally eat more rodents, woodchucks, and rabbits than chickens.’
    • ‘A solitary chicken hawk circled so slowly on a high updraft of air that he looked to be hanging motionless, a small brown kite.’
    • ‘Overhead, a tiny but persistent washi bird attacked a much bigger chicken hawk on the wing to try and get feathers for its nest.’
    1. 1.1 informal An older man who seeks younger men or boys as sexual partners.
      • ‘the chicken hawks who want to find someone young hang out there’
  • 2US informal A person who speaks out in support of war yet has avoided active military service.

    • ‘rich chicken hawks stay well away from any real fighting’
    • ‘Voter chose the chickenhawk over the war hero.’
    • ‘What amazes me is how the current chicken hawks have conned America about how patriotic they are.’
    • ‘Like every other member of the group, we evaded the war in Vietnam. Some people see an ethical problem in this; they refer to us as chicken hawks.’
    • ‘I really enjoy listening to these chickenhawks bloviating about the anti-war movement.’
    • ‘The chickenhawks, the cabal of right-wingers who never saw the far side of a military training ground, are the men now banging the drums for war in the White House.’
    • ‘But having to go to the UN at all was a defeat for the largely civilian 'chicken hawks' who make up the war party in Washington.’
    • ‘Lately, the chicken hawks have been dissing the generals as sissies.’
    • ‘In other words, it appears that he was something of a rightwinger, but hypocritical about his own status with the draft - a prototype of what we would now call a chickenhawk.’
    • ‘Every so often, anyone who supported the war has to contend with the cries of "Chickenhawk!"’


chicken hawk

/ˈCHikən hôk/ /ˈtʃɪkən hɔk/