Definition of chief warrant officer in English:

chief warrant officer

Pronunciation /tʃif ˈwɔrənt ˈɔfəsər/


  • A member of the US armed forces ranking above warrant officer and below the lowest-ranking commissioned officer.

    ‘This applies to staff sergeants and above, chief warrant officers two and above and first lieutenants and above to colonels.’
    • ‘If they want to become a sergeant first class, a chief warrant officer, or a field grade officer, for example, they are going to have to plan on some extra days, attend meetings and planning conferences, and take on additional schooling.’
    • ‘I distinctly remember a video of a chief warrant officer asking a lieutenant: ‘Do you think we can make it between those trees?’’
    • ‘They were young troopers and old soldiers, private to captain to chief warrant officer 4.’
    • ‘The only personnel in the Army inventory that meet these requirements are chief warrant officers.’
    • ‘It is a task-organized team consisting of a chief warrant officer and Department of the Army civilian technicians from AMC's major subordinate commands.’
    • ‘Upon completion of WOCD, he received a direct appointment to chief warrant officer two with an assignment to the Warrant Officer Division, PERSCOM, as an action officer.’
    • ‘The chief warrant officers and I insisted that the equipment that left our shop perform at the highest standards.’
    • ‘I am a chief warrant officer in MOS 670A, Health Services Maintenance Technician.’
    • ‘I could not believe that a chief warrant officer 3 has a problem following regulations.’
    • ‘Several years ago, two Army chief warrant officers counted on the best-case scenario.’
    • ‘My father, a retired Army chief warrant officer 4 and Vietnam veteran, is fighting to return to service, and to be deployed to the Mideast.’
    • ‘Not until after she enlisted did Mercado learn that her grandfather was a retired Army chief warrant officer.’
    • ‘Our contract linguist and a chief warrant officer two came to us as a human intelligence package and provided great support in hasty interrogation.’
    • ‘He was a cook in the Air Force, retiring as a chief warrant officer after 29 years of service.’
    • ‘Oh, and there's a chief warrant officer, too!’
    • ‘The chief warrant officer developed several tactics, techniques and procedures to restore legacy voice routing.’
    • ‘It is led by a 351B CI chief warrant officer and staffed with four enlisted 97B CI agents.’