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  • 1The state of being a child.

    ‘the idealized world of childhood’
    • ‘You have to be ready to detail anything from childhood illnesses to the consistency of your stools.’
    • ‘As she grows up and matures, you will notice many of these childhood traits develop into adult ones.’
    • ‘The wisdom contained in the honey from wild bees made it a complete food for this childhood era of mankind.’
    • ‘It is about the loss of childhood innocence and the bruises of adult experience.’
    • ‘Ah, those far off days when childhood still retained the innocence that has been so sadly lost today.’
    • ‘I seemed to spend an inordinate amount of my childhood running away from people.’
    • ‘Are your most formative years those of your early childhood or your early teens?’
    • ‘Of course she has not changed, she is the same despicable character she was in childhood.’
    • ‘How many of our childhood friends will be married with families of their own?’
    • ‘Pushing the door in, she stood in wonder at the sight of her childhood friend.’
    • ‘He is completing a lengthy poem about his childhood experiences of the Holocaust.’
    • ‘His childhood and youth were spent helping his father in unsuccessful farming ventures.’
    • ‘Mortality in childhood is heavily influenced by deaths from motor vehicle accidents.’
    • ‘She has said that there were periods in her childhood when learning proved difficult.’
    • ‘Just as our concepts of childhood have changed, so have our concepts of childhood problems.’
    • ‘To my childhood imagination, however, that girl seemed to be going off to a fate worse than death.’
    • ‘These findings come at a time of high official concern with childhood obesity.’
    • ‘Unhealthy lifestyles and childhood obesity is a modern epidemic of the western world.’
    • ‘The effects of childhood malnutrition are a legacy reflected in his sunken features.’
    • ‘I regard myself as very fortunate to have spent my childhood years in a very special place.’
    youth, early years, early days, early life, infancy, babyhood, boyhood, girlhood, pre-teens, preadolescence, prepubescence, adolescence, teens, teenage years, young adulthood, immaturity
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    1. 1.1The period during which a person is a child.
      ‘she spent her childhood in Pennsylvania’
      • ‘a childhood friend’
      • ‘Both deny ever having had a drink problem, and say their son enjoyed a happy childhood in a loving family.’
      • ‘I am not saying that a bad childhood necessarily turns you into a psychopath, but the hurt is there.’
      • ‘I might have had a miserable childhood in Hartlepool but now I work on a newspaper in London!’
      • ‘She had had a difficult childhood and had a history of psychiatric problems and alcohol abuse.’
      • ‘It looks like he had a troubled childhood and that the relationship with both parents was not an easy one.’
      • ‘For others, having children is about righting the wrongs of an unhappy childhood.’
      • ‘To paint was to survive a shattered childhood and stay connected to his lost paradise.’
      • ‘What a childhood we should have had if only we had been left to do as we pleased!’
      • ‘All the clichés of a happy childhood hit me in the face as hard as any real punishment.’
      • ‘In order to make this persona more convincing, a disturbed childhood had to be invented.’
      • ‘She believes her own depression began in her teens due to a difficult childhood.’
      • ‘An album as honest and chilling as this one couldn't be written without a traumatic childhood.’
      • ‘This is usually a childhood viral infection that causes a mild fever and swelling in the glands in the neck.’
      • ‘You do not look at whether they have had a deprived childhood or anything of that kind.’
      • ‘I am not by any means saying that anyone who had a traumatic childhood cannot parent children.’
      • ‘Today the elderly are often ignored, while the young are robbed of a carefree childhood.’
      • ‘Roberto knows how lucky he is to have had a happy childhood and is very happy to be able to give something back.’
      • ‘It is a childhood chronic disease that primary care workers should watch out for.’
      • ‘I had a good childhood, but my father left when I was seven and my mother brought me up on her own.’
      • ‘The health implications of a childhood measles epidemic do not bear thinking about.’



/ˈCHīl(d)ˌ(h)o͝od/ /ˈtʃaɪl(d)ˌ(h)ʊd/


Old English cildhād(see child, -hood).