Definition of chinaberry in English:


nounplural noun chinaberries

(also Chinaberry)
  • 1A tall tree of the mahogany family native to Asia and Australasia, bearing fragrant lilac flowers and yellow berries. It has become naturalized in parts of North America.

    Melia azedarach, family Meliaceae

    ‘On one side it was anchored by a huge chinaberry tree, on the other by a towering mimosa.’
    • ‘Our neighbor has one chinaberry tree in the front, but all we have is grey dirt.’
    • ‘Comanche Lookout Park hosts combinations of ashe juniper, Texas and Mexican buckeye, as well as chinaberry, graneno, Lindheimer hackberry, honey mesquite, huisache, and more.’
    • ‘I was a cultural mulatto, born and raised without the benefits of Watts, chop shops, Motown street corners, or deep down Smithville fishing holes and chinaberry trees… I was too black to be white, too white to be black.’
    • ‘I used to climb to the top of one of the huge chinaberry trees which guarded our front gate, and look out over the world.’
    1. 1.1The fruit of the chinaberry tree, used as beads and to make insecticides.
      ‘a rosary made of chinaberries’
      • ‘Among his choices were olive, lemon, lime, apricot, peach, and chinaberry.’
      • ‘In the vicinity of Dothan, Alabama, bluejays are often called "roller birds," because when chinaberries are ripe, they sit in the trees and gorge themselves on chinaberries until they grow drunk.’
      • ‘In the Southeast, chinaberries and blackberries are most popular.’
      • ‘The GLTs foraged on the chinaberries in this area for about half an hour before returning to Beaver Valley.’



/ˈCHīnəˌberē/ /ˈtʃaɪnəˌbɛri/