Definition of chincherinchee in English:



  • A white-flowered South African lily.

    Ornithogalum thyrsoides, family Liliaceae

    ‘During the war it became an annual habit to travel to a hill just outside the village to pick chincherinchees or snowdrops as they were known.’
    • ‘One of the common names of this flower is chincherinchees.’
    • ‘The giant chincherinchee is an attractive, easily cultivated garden plant and produces eye-catching, long-lasting flowers that are very suitable for as cut flowers.’
    • ‘The South Africans know them as ‘tjenkenrientjee’ which is where the odd English name chincherinchee comes from.’
    • ‘A group of chincherinchees makes an attractive display.’



/ˌCHinCHəˈrinCHē/ /ˌtʃɪntʃəˈrɪntʃi/


Early 20th century imitative of the squeaky sound made by rubbing its stalks together.