Definition of Chinese gooseberry in English:

Chinese gooseberry


another term for kiwi fruit
‘The kiwi fruit, originally known as the Chinese gooseberry, was renamed to reflect its connection with New Zealand.’
  • ‘I read in trade magazines just the other day that the Chinese - from whence kiwi-fruit came; it was originally the Chinese gooseberry - are getting into the market in a big way themselves.’
  • ‘Kiwifruit used to be known as Chinese gooseberries.’
  • ‘Kiwifruit, also known as Chinese gooseberry, can be grown just about anywhere in North America.’


Chinese gooseberry

/ˌCHīˈnēz ˈɡo͞osˌberē/ /ˌtʃaɪˈniz ˈɡusˌbɛri/