Definition of chip shot in English:

chip shot


  • A stroke at which the ball is or must be chipped into the air.

    • ‘The main thing I teach is that a chip shot - or a putt - isn't fundamentally different from a full shot.’
    • ‘What it might indicate is how it will perform on a chip shot or a long putt.’
    • ‘Hole 17: After a wayward tee shot, Woods plays a delicate chip shot to leave him with an 18 inch putt which he holes.’
    • ‘Angle the shaft forward as if you were hitting a chip shot, and use your wrist to scoop under the ball.’
    • ‘Facing a short putt is like facing a little chip shot with your wedge.’
    • ‘I played a gentle chip shot and watched the ball roll across the green and drop in.’
    • ‘The object is to play nine different shots from a maximum of 30 yards from the pin: hit a bunker shot, a chip shot and a pitch shot.’
    • ‘We're not talking about a lot of leg action - a chip shot is mostly an arm swing - but you need some flow in your lower body to keep your left arm leading and accelerating through the ball.’
    • ‘I'll start with the smallest and slowest action - a chip shot.’
    • ‘If you mis-hit the 8-iron, you'll wind up short of the green, facing a chip shot with very little green to work with.’
    • ‘Stricker went first and hit his chip shot to eight feet.’
    • ‘In the middle of her round she birdied four of five holes, the only exception coming on a lipped-out chip shot on the 10th.’
    • ‘Who among us has not suddenly, in mid-round, found himself mysteriously unable to pull the club back on a simple chip shot?’
    • ‘Some of the most difficult courses require you to bump a chip shot up a sloping green with the utmost precision.’
    • ‘Getting wristy and trying to scoop a chip shot into the air is the No.1 problem of amateurs.’
    • ‘Move the ball just right of center in your stance and hit what amounts to a hard chip shot.’
    • ‘If you go through, you've got a chip shot with the grain of the grass into you and a slope running away from you.’
    • ‘A chunked chip shot on No.6 cost her another bogey.’
    • ‘He did manage to sink the putt for a birdie, unlike a fellow competitor in the Jackalope, who after getting nearest the hole, played his next chip shot from further away.’
    • ‘En route to the 36-hole championship the 21-year-old Smith was involved in a collision in his car less than a chip shot away in distance from the entrance to the club.’


chip shot

/ˈtʃɪp ˌʃɑt/