Definition of chital in English:



  • A deer having lyre-shaped antlers and a white-spotted fawn coat, native to India and Sri Lanka.

    Also called axis

    ‘In addition to deer, chital and wild boar, domestic cattle are now an important item on the tiger's menu in several areas.’
    • ‘Mills has culled a great deal of data to show which ungulates form its preferred diet - chital, sambar, nilgai and barasingha, and in some forests, gaur.’
    • ‘8 June: We arrived to find Lakshmi carrying a small chital fawn across the meadow to the upper fork of Menhar Nala.’
    • ‘The lion shares the forest with the leopard, the chital, the jackal, the wild boar, the peacock and the Maldharis, local herdsmen who have co-existed with the lions inside the forest.’
    • ‘If you feel you're missing out on watching tigers launch assaults on nilgai, or muggers ambushing chital as they bend down to drink, take heart.’



/ˈCHēdl/ /ˈtʃidl/


Late 19th century from Hindi cītal, from Sanskrit citrala ‘spotted’, from citra ‘spot, mark’.