Definición de chitlins en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈCHitlinz/ /ˈtʃɪtlɪnz/

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sustantivo plural

coloquial EEUU
  • Chitterlings.

    ‘There's more pressure in this place than a pot when you're boiling some chitlins.’
    • ‘All that's left is a promise of corn bread and chitlins to top off the stereotype.’
    • ‘The small intestines were soaked in water for a day, parboiled, then fried in batter to make a popular dish called chitterlings, or "chitlins."’
    • ‘We have German bratwurst and beer, we have Scandinavian lefse (a potato-based soft, flat bread) and lutefisk, we have greens and chitlins.’
    • ‘If scientists started saying that chitlins prevented most cancers when eaten at least twice weekly, would you eat it?’
    • ‘In later years, this diet - which grew to include pigs' feet, chitlins (hog intestines), collard greens (a vegetable), and ham hocks - became known as "soul food."’
    • ‘Chitlins - pig intestines actually - were a staple of the slave diet, but with inventive recipes galore they are now something of a soul food delicacy.’


Adialect form of chitterlings (a food stereotypically associated with black people and poor people living in the southern states of the US).