Definition of chloracne in English:



  • A skin disease resembling severe acne, caused by exposure to chlorinated chemicals.

    ‘Workers also exhibited: severe chloracne, hepatic enlargement; peripheral neuritis; delayed prothrombin time; increased total serum lipid levels.’
    • ‘To date, there is no universal accepted scientific evidence to conclude that Agent Orange exposure leads to adverse effects, with the exception of the skin condition chloracne.’
    • ‘Exposure to dangerous chemicals called dioxins can cause a rare form of acne called chloracne.’
    • ‘At very high doses it may cause a severe acne-like skin condition known as chloracne and cancer in some people.’
    • ‘The prevalence rate of neuropathy among subjects with chloracne was almost 3 times greater than among those absent this manifestation.’



/klôrˈaknē/ /klɔrˈækni/