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(also Cl)
  • The chemical element of atomic number 17, a toxic, irritant, pale green gas.

    A member of the halogen group, chlorine occurs in nature mainly as sodium chloride in seawater and salt deposits. The gas was used as a poison gas in World War I. Chlorine is added to water supplies as a disinfectant

    ‘The blue was fading to a dull chlorine green, the fuchsia sprouting roots of over an inch.’
    • ‘The green chlorine gas rolled over the Allied frontline and it created panic.’
    • ‘Once chlorine has combined with other chemicals it is not effective as a disinfectant.’
    • ‘In table salt, sodium atoms donate one electron each to chlorine atoms, making the sodiums positively charged ions and the chlorines negatively charged ions (called chloride).’
    • ‘The anion that is left behind is a cluster of carbon, chlorine, and boron atoms.’
    • ‘Bacteria are very sensitive to chemical disinfectants such as chlorine and iodine.’
    • ‘In the preceding example the aluminum has a valency of three and the chlorine has a valency of one.’
    • ‘A lifeguard dove into the greenish chlorine filled water and lifted Hope out of the pool.’
    • ‘It's just that the doctor had ordered against this because the chlorine could hurt her eye.’
    • ‘It said the chlorine leaked from a leftover tank that hadn't been sealed off completely, the agency said.’
    • ‘I love the smell of the chlorine in the morning, and the way the water sounds when it rushes pass my ears.’
    • ‘And my eyes don't feel like they are on fire with the chlorine getting in them.’
    • ‘Daniel stopped swimming for a second, he looked up and rubbed his eyes free of the chlorine that was burning his eyes.’
    • ‘Rinse shampoo out of your hair thoroughly and wash and condition it well after swimming in a chlorine filled pool.’
    • ‘Once in the upper atmosphere, the energy from the Sun causes the chlorine to be released.’
    • ‘Right now, the chlorine in the pool keeps Crocker's hair from growing past his ears.’
    • ‘Usually it's brittle from all the chlorine at the pool, and flat from wearing a woolly hat, but now it's blow dried and bouncy.’
    • ‘The only other ongoing upkeep necessary is the monitoring of the chlorine balance every couple of days.’
    • ‘As chlorine is a bleaching agent, this may also have effects on the health of your hair and skin.’
    • ‘She kissed him, tasting the chlorine from the pool and the ice tea that he had been sipping.’



/ˈklôˌrēn/ /ˈklɔˌrin/


Early 19th century named by Sir Humphrey Davy, from Greek khlōros ‘green’+ -ine.