Definition of chlorocarbon in English:



  • A chemical compound that contains carbon and chlorine or carbon, chlorine, and hydrogen.

    ‘About 0.03 to 0.2% of the electrons generated by ammonia oxidation were used for chlorocarbon degradation.’
    • ‘The high solvency of chlorocarbons damages the human nervous system and many other body systems including genetics and the immune function.’
    • ‘The article described sucralose as a chlorocarbon and claimed it to be toxic.’
    • ‘The gaseous mixture from which the C 1 chlorocarbon is recovered comprises one or more noncondensible gases.’
    • ‘A polymer film containing a fluorescent dye is exposed to the chlorocarbon, which partly quenches the amount of fluorescence.’



/ˈklôrōˌkärbən/ /ˈklɔroʊˌkɑrbən/