Definition of chlorophyte in English:



  • A lower plant of the division Chlorophyta, which comprises the green algae.

    ‘The plastids of rhodophytes, chlorophytes, and glaucophytes are surrounded by two membranes and probably directly derived from a cyanobacterial ancestor and are thus called primary plastids.’
    • ‘The upstream and freshwater sections of these rivers are dominated by an assemblage of chlorophytes, diatoms, and cyanoprokaryotes (cyanobacteria).’
    • ‘In general, diatoms and chlorophytes had much higher biovolume than cyanobacteria and chrysophytes.’
    • ‘For example, replacement of diatoms with chlorophytes will alter cycling of silica because diatoms require silica and chlorophytes do not.’
    • ‘For example, diatoms generally have a lower phosphorus requirement than chlorophytes.’



/ˈklôrəfīt/ /ˈklɔrəfaɪt/