Definition of chloroprene in English:


Pronunciation /ˈklôrəˌprēn/ /ˈklɔrəˌprin/


  • A colorless liquid made from acetylene and hydrochloric acid and polymerized to form neoprene.

    Chemical formula: CH₂CClCHCH₂

    ‘The product of the reaction was 2-chlorobutadiene, called chloroprene because of its similarity to isoprene.’
    • ‘The Report states the listing is based on findings from laboratory animal studies of chloroprene in which cancer was observed in multiple organs of multiple species following long-term inhalation exposures.’
    • ‘In some of Kent's tubing, chloroprene and various flexible TPEs take the place of natural rubber.’
    • ‘Next is an insulated padding made of chloroprene rubber.’


1930s from chloro- + a shortened form of isoprene.