Definition of chocolate vine in English:

chocolate vine


  • A fast-growing, shade-tolerant woody twining vine, native to Asia and introduced as an ornamental in the US. It has escaped cultivation and threatens native plants in some woodland habitats.

    Akebia quinata, family Lardizabalaceae

    ‘The chocolate vine climbs thin wires stretched between eye hooks screwed into the fence - a simple way to create an unobtrusive trellis.’
    • ‘Bamboo was overtaking the eastern side of the property, chocolate vines were growing in the trees, and Honeysuckle was choking Eliza's ancient Crèpe Myrtle.’
    • ‘Five-leaf akebia, or chocolate vine, is native to southeast Asia.’
    • ‘Native oak species are dominant in the forests, along with some Japanese cherries, Korean azaleas, chocolate vines, and other wild plants.’