Definition of chocolatier in English:



  • A maker or seller of chocolate.

    ‘Food shops, butchers, bakers, delicatessens and chocolatiers will also be there, promoting the finest produce from England's biggest and most diverse food region.’
    • ‘More and more artisan chocolatiers are making single-origin varietal chocolates that express the unique flavors of different cacao beans.’
    • ‘Which chocolatiers worldwide produce the most interesting and scrumptious chocolates?’
    • ‘Once available only to pastry chefs and chocolatiers, 70 percent chocolate is now widely available at finer grocery stores.’
    • ‘Most of the space is devoted to the stands of various chocolatiers who sell their products.’
    • ‘Independent chocolatiers are commonplace, selling exquisite handmade chocolates made from the finest of ingredients.’
    • ‘Then Poldek and Schindler set off down the Champs-Elysées where Schindler shopped in front of a chocolatier's store that had an enormous heart-shaped box of chocolates in the window.’
    • ‘Most top-end chocolatiers use just one type of chocolate for all their products.’
    • ‘Despite their reputation for good taste and fine dining, patissiers and chocolatiers from France and Italy failed to make the final eight, who will compete to be recognised as ‘laureate of chocolate’.’
    • ‘Nothing beats chocolate if you're looking to woo, and luckily for local lotharios, Montreal is blessed with some really top chocolatiers.’
    • ‘Then, in the chocolatiers ' demonstration area, we were handed little pots of warm, liquid chocolate, and we could also indulge in fudge dipped in more of the same.’
    • ‘The latest fashion is to team cardamom up with chocolate, so it's a vogue ingredient for France's top chocolatiers.’
    • ‘Is it just a conspiracy of florists and chocolatiers or has the universal day of love got us hooked?’
    • ‘But I hope some of you feel inspired to either make your own chocolates (and post about it, please!) or go visit your local chocolatier for a piece or two.’
    • ‘I think I will definitely take more because I am definitely taking French because I want to be a chocolatier.’
    • ‘Playing music in Austin, Texas is sort of like trying to make a living as a chocolatier in Hershey, Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘The chocolatiers designed a dozen different chocolates for Blass's approval, but sensing that he would resent not having a choice, they seeded the selection with several intentionally inferior pieces.’
    • ‘I asked two friends and chocolate experts (I love having chocolatiers as friends) from two of my favorite chocolate companies how they felt about pairing chocolate with wine.’
    • ‘And he has garnered a reputation as one of America's premier chocolatiers, thanks to creations like chipotle chocolates that fetch $65 a pound.’
    • ‘Many professional pastry chefs and chocolatiers can instinctively tell when chocolate is perfectly tempered by looking at it or touching a smidge it to their lip.’



/ˌCHôk(ə)ləˈti(ə)r/ /ˌSHôkəläˈtyā/ /ˌtʃɔkləˈtɪər/


Mid 19th century French.