Definition of chola in English:



  • 1often derogatory (in some parts of Latin America) a woman of indigenous or partly indigenous ancestry.

    ‘Chicheras were better off economically than most cholas and certainly than Indians, and their cultural connection to chicha gave them social advantages within the chola community.’
    • ‘Their move into the city could mean a move from an identity as an Indian to an identity as a chola, if they so chose.’
    • ‘Her most offensive transgression against the community, however, is her decision to date a non-cholo man, a decision that infuriates both her parents and the other cholas.’
    • ‘The fact that even the cholas punish La Cristina for her disrespect demonstrates the level to which the women have assimilated their community's patriarchal values.’
    • ‘In La Cristina's case, the other cholas persecute and ostracize her out of jealousy and an inability to imagine a more inclusive notion of chola identity.’
    1. 1.1US informal A young woman belonging to a Mexican American urban subculture associated with street gangs.



/ˌCHōlə/ /ˌtʃoʊlə/


Mid 19th century American Spanish (see cholo).