Definition of cholecystography in English:



  • X-ray examination of the gallbladder, especially used to detect the presence of gallstones.

    ‘Ultrasonography has replaced cholecystography as the diagnostic test for gall stones.’
    • ‘In special circumstances, the older method of oral cholecystography is used where one swallows 6 tablets of x-ray contrast material the night before an upper abdominal x-ray.’
    • ‘Oral cholecystography is used when patients are obese and have a large amount of overlying bowel gas which makes ultrasonography more difficult.’
    • ‘This is apparently the cause of non-visualization of the gallbladder by cholecystography following injury.’
    • ‘Due to the development of improved technology, cholecystography is no longer performed routinely.’



/ˌkōləˌsisˈtäɡrəfē/ /ˌkoʊləˌsɪsˈtɑɡrəfi/