Definition of cholecystokinin in English:



  • A hormone which is secreted by cells in the duodenum and stimulates the release of bile into the intestine and the secretion of enzymes by the pancreas.

    ‘When fatty food passes from the stomach into the intestine, the gall bladder is stimulated to contract by cholecystokinin, a hormone released from the lining of the intestine.’
    • ‘This helps stimulate the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone that signals the brain to stop eating.’
    • ‘Proteins and fat (which is usually in high protein low carbohydrate foods) cause your body to release cholecystokinin, a hormone that contributes to the feeling of fullness.’
    • ‘Fiber contributes to the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone produced in the small intestine that triggers a sensation of satiety in the brain.’
    • ‘Another hormone from the small intestine, cholecystokinin, works similarly to secretin.’



/ˌkōləˌsistōˈkīnən/ /ˌkoʊləˌsɪstoʊˈkaɪnən/ /kōlēˌsistōˈkīnən/ /koʊliˌsɪstoʊˈkaɪnən/